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3rd Annual Black Empowerment [...]

Fort Lauderdale Community [...]

31th Annual Police Conference [...]

Fort Lauderdale Community Center CEO Hope Gary presents "Bridging the Gap between the Black Community and The Police!

2nd Annual Black Empowerment [...]


Uniting Broward through Arts, Education & Social Services

Second Annual Conference
Black Empowerment Summit
February 16th - 18th 20th & 23rd 2016 Broward County

We invite companies, associations and organizations that call Fort Lauderdale and any part of South Florida home to participate in our upcoming 2nd Annual Black Empowerment Summit as a valued sponsor. Last year we had over 1,000 attendees.

We ask your support as we host festivities at the African American Research Library that highlight the Black community in areas of Politics, Economics and Social Development from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on Tuesday, February 16th, Thursday, February 18th and Tuesday, February 23rd. And on the February 20th our FUNdraiser; The Hope Band kicking off one of it's first Private Club Pop-Up Concert!  

All those interested are invited to choose from the tiered levels of sponsorship. We would be happy to customize any package to fit your company’s marketing strategy and promotional goals.

PRESENTING SPONSOR: Partner - $500.00 or more

• Recognition as “Official Corporate Sponsor” in all promotional advertisements for all 3 events for the next 3 weeks of February in our weekly newsletter, “Fort Lauderdale Community News,” with over #8,000 members, mentioned on our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter sites and our website with a page dedicated to our sponsors.
• Logo on conference e-blast and promotional advertisements for all 3 events
• Recognition at all 3 days of the conference with logo banner (provided by sponsor)
• Pre-speaker opportunity at one of the lecture event aimed at your industry
• Live acknowledgement at all 3 events
• Five seats reserved at event aimed at your industry
• Recognition from March to May on our “new” YouTube Channel
• 90 second promotional video at all 3 events
• Products/ media placed in conference bags

SUPPORTING SPONSOR: Platinum - $250.00

• Logo on conference e-blast and promotional advertisements on all #3 events
• Booth on the date aimed at your industry
• Two seats reserved at event aimed at your industry
• Live acknowledgement at all events
• Logo on website as supporting sponsor
• 90 second promotional video shown at all 3 events
• Insert of 1 of your products/ media in conference bags


• Logo on conference blast
• Your information displayed at events
• Insert of your products in conference bags
• Sponsorship acknowledgement at #1st event
• Live acknowledgement at all events
• Logo on website as associate sponsor

BELIEVER SPONSOR: Silver - $35.00

• Sponsorship acknowledgement
• Name on website as believer sponsor

Please note: In order to meet our commitment to you, your sponsorship pledge must be received by February 6, 2016. Make checks payable to: Fort Lauderdale Community Center in memo Sponsorship. For online donations please visit

For more information contact:
Jynsen Henry, Program Manager, at 954-297-7819
Toni J, Program Contact 786-280-8581


Event Information

Tuesday, February 16th
African American Research Library

What is Politics?
And what is it SUPPOSED to Produce?
11 am to 1 pm

Workshop to create a community of educated voters and a constituency that knows the importance of local elections, knows the effect of the Electoral College on presidential elections, and knows the scope and power of local officials. The goal being to create a constituency that can find and support a representative from within. We will be registering new voters so teenagers and young people of voting age are encouraged to attend. We will also be discussing why your vote does matter as well as hosting a mock campaign.

Who are Your Politicians for 2016?
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm:

This event is designed to give politicians an opportunity to meet the members of the community. It is also designed to be the community’s opportunity to talk to all the politicians running in 2016, to tell them what their issues are, and find the politician who best suits their most important concerns and they believe to be most representative of them. The politicians will also participating questions and answers segment will have a poll done by the audience.

Law 101
3:00 pm to 5 pm:

This seminar is a rapid fire, straight from the lawyer’s mouth list of things that the community may not know about the law. The topics include traffic violations, criminal law, probation, family law, landlord/tenant, and bankruptcy. There is also a question and answer segment for the community to ask the lawyers questions about their presentations. One of the most important reasons having this event is to protect our young people through knowledge.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor for this, or other events click on this link

Thursday, February 18th
African American Research Library 


Beginning South Florida's Black Writer's Guild
11:00 am to 2:00 pm:

This workshop/seminar will be a convergence of novelists, journalists, television & screen writers, and music writers (including rappers and singers). It will cover multiple ways to get published, freelance opportunities, copyright, getting your work edited, etc. We look forward to the organizations and associations joining in to help support the participant’s stories coming from Black Communities. Most importantly though the writers will discover how they can create business opportunities from those stories and how they tell them. This is also the kickoff of our request for contributors to our quarterly newsletter and all ages of contributors are welcome.

One Stop Shop to Starting a Business
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm:

Seminar will introduce participants to the pros of owning their own businesses. Information on how to choose their name, setup a business plan, taxes and tools to help like QB, Excel and where to find work, or find contracts. Depending on funding we’re looking at 20 to 40 upstarts that day that will receive their EIN#, open a business account, complete their application on and be provided legal council, an accountant/bookkeeper and an administration firm to setup their business that day! With help for 3 months.

The Hope Band's Private Club Pop-Up Concerts
Tickets: $40.00 - Single / $60.00 - Couples
Feb 20th @ Midtown Art Gallery
1033 NW 6th Street, Ft Lauder. FL 33311
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm:

Join us as the The Hope Band kicks off the first of their Private Club pop-up concerts! The "Private Club" is a private affair where you can feel safe to let your hair down. Relax and enjoy great people, great drinks, great food and great sounds with a band that can deliver all the songs you love to hear, but remember, what happens at the Private Club stays at the Private Club.

The Hope Band, always bringing you the best in Blues – Jazz – Soul & Funk!  So if you missed them turning out the City of Sunrise MLK Celebration, you can still have a night of dancing to the music of the 60’s -70’s – 80’s & 90’s! All for a great cause! All proceeds go to the programs of Fort Lauderdale Community Center.

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor for this, or other events click on this link


Tuesday, February 23rh
African American Research Library 


Overcoming the Silence' in Issues of Black Mental Health
From 11 am to 1 pm:

This seminar is designed to address the taboos of mental healthcare in the Black
community while bridging the age gap in dialogue. We will be talking about the mental struggles of life and how to heal through them. This particular event is divided in two parts, there is a part for women and girls and a part for men and boys. We will be talking about Black mental healthcare taboos like mental disorders, depression, therapy, and suicide. We will also be talking about fear and stress and our unique experience with it per Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome by Dr. Joy DeGruy, a guest of last year’s conference. A panel of therapists (female for the women, and male for the men) will help us get through to the beginnings of generational healing.

Be in the Driver's Seat of Your Child's Education' Education Workshop
From 1 pm to 3 pm:

This seminar will introduce parents to the challenges of the ESE designation and how special education is being used as a catch-all for some of our kids, black males especially. We will be making parents aware of the school-to-prison pipeline, what it is and how it works as well as discussing how suspension, civil citation, and a lack of diversity training feeds the school-to-prison pipeline. This event is also going to introduce some alternatives to the traditional idea of school and many parent resources, for example Step Up for Students, Florida Virtual School, Black Private schools, Black home school co-ops, etc.
Afro-Latino Celebration! (performance and educational)
From 3 pm to 5 pm:

The Afro-Latino Exhibition is the fun and educational finale to our events for the month of February with drums, dance performances and clips from Dr. Henry Louise Gates Jr.’s Black in Latin America Series. 10.7 million Africans survived being shipped across the dreaded Middle Passage. Of those, only about 388,000 were shipped to North America. That’s a tiny percent so where did the rest go? Brazil received about 4.86 million Africans alone, most of the rest were spread throughout the Caribbean. The goal of this event is to bring together
the Latino and African-American communities to celebrate our Indigenous and African roots.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor for this, or other events click on this link

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Annual Literacy Contest


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Our Backpack Event



Aug 2015 Event

4th Annual Back to School [...]

Fort Lauderdale Community Center & Prince II Kings presents

To: Whom it may concern
Welcome to Prince II Kings 4th Annual Back to School Shoes & Backpack Giveaway, August 22, 2015 from 9 am to 1 pm at Osswald Park, located at 2220 NW 21st Avenue, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33311 with its partners Fort Lauderdale Community Center and Team-SOY; non-profit organizations dedicated to providing worthwhile programs for high risk youth within the inner city.
We’re asking your support by pledging $20.00 per child for a total of 50 children, only $1,000 to make a difference! And/or supply those less fortunate with a new pair of shoes, backpacks and school supplies for the new school year, anything is appreciated. We’re hoping not just for a one time donation but a partner and a positive role model for our children!
Last year this program had a line around the corner and it is strictly for kids! We had to limit shoes because we could not accommodate everyone. This year, we want to provide everyone who is in need with a pair of shoes with your help! Many older siblings, not parents, bring their families to get what they need to start school on an even footing with their classmates. Many that come live in households that have a hard time purchasing shoes for sometimes 4 to 6 children with incomes less than $10,000 a year. Their only means of shoes for the school year is this program.
Prince II King with its partners Fort Lauderdale Community Center and Team-SOY are dedicated to improving the quality of life for school-aged children and young adults. We strive to help our youth in developing leadership skills, responsibility, integrity, and courage. Prince II King uses programs that are affective, like the Annual Literacy Contest, the Annual Anti-Bullying Poem Contest, the Annual Talent Show, the Bridge the Gap Campaign, and a host of others. These events uniquely challenge the kids reading, writing, math, public speaking, social and leadership skills without them being aware of it.
Thank you in advance for your support and for more information call me at the number below!
Sharon Major-Hughes
Chief Executive Officer


Stay tuned for our upcoming Newsletter!

With the Support of all our New


Our partner PRINCE 2 KINGS

FLCC partners with BCMBC

Our New Home

New home of Fort Lauderdale Community Center!

Sistrunk James Franklin






The Mizells

Irma Hunter Wesley Fort [...]

Irma Wesley is the Director of the Center; she is the mother of five children and has cared for more than 15,000 children for over 30 years, as a Childcare Specialist in Early Childhood Education.The staff of IHWCDC, are very proud of the many honors bestowed upon her, as well as her pass accomplishments for the community she is devoted to and worked hard for.

April 1, 1993 Irma Hunter Wesleys Day, City of Fort Lauderdale, BS in Elementary Education, Specialization in Early Childhood, 30 years experience, Founder of Child Development Center, recognized by Broward Education and Training Administration, Sited in Whos Who Among Women Executives, Urban League, Margaret Roachs Award and Family Central Venderee Pickett Award.



You can see why they became one of the recipients of our social services campaign, I AM BROWARD! which means, I AM Irma Hunter Wesley Fort Lauderdale Child Care Development Center; and I AM BROWARD!, showing unity in the community!This campaign identifies non-profits and businesses that are helping children and families at-risk in our communities.

They received a full computer lab for their students which consisted of laptops, desktop computers with keyboard, mice and new flat screen monitors.This is to help close the gap with children and families at-risk in technology, that may not have access to computers or the internet.

Irma Hunter Wesley Fort Lauderdale Child Care Development Center is located at, 1409 Sistrunk Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311.Their phone number is (954) 522-6552, Mrs. Richardson is the Director and her email address is and the hours of operations are from, 7:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Transitional Housing Program

Hope House Shelter

The Hope House is a home shelter designed to create a family atmosphere for individuals who have lost their jobs and/or homes; emancipated teens that are transitioning out of foster care and disable veterans. 

This transitional housing program helps in our fight to end homelessness and hunger.  The Hope House residents receive job training at the community center four hours a day, five days a week. 

The house parents supervise the young adults and each member of the house has assigned duties.  Weekly meetings are held for input and recognition from the household.  House members are also mentored to encourage self-sufficiency and foster confidence in essential personal and social skills. This program can last twenty four to sixty months, depending on the family or individual.  It's designed to enable them to move into permanent housing, to purchase their first car or even a down payment on a home.
All the adults in this picture have graduated high school, gone on to college or some form of higher learning, each have been able to purchase a car through the Community Center.  Almost all have been students, mentors and staff of the Community Center and all those with children have been able to receive their first time home buyer certificate and purchased their first home!  

     *Support of the Hope House Project
  Walmart & Tropical Financial Credit Union




Black Student Union Staff

Fort Lauderdale Community [...]

Advocate for Unity

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                      Students and Staff of the Community Center with Partner
       Leonard McClarty, President/CEO of DeKalb County Chamber of Commerce

Advocate for Unity of Humanity

FLCC's Kids

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