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Published: Wednesday, 24 September 2014 15:10 Hits: 1232

Partnerships For Black Student Advancement

After the killings of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Eric Gardener and just recently Micheal Brown FLCC looked harder for solutions to these problems...

In 2013 the board decided to implement its project to improve the growing disparities of poverty among Black Families. Partnerships for Black Student Advancement was developed based on a program we created in 2011 called Inspire2Hire. This project will allow us to build partnerships with businesses, organizations and associations to create a connected network that fosters Black commerce throughout the country and introduces Black students of all ages to professionals and various industries for continued advancement.

To bring about "real change," we must make everyone aware of the "real problems" that hold back this group, not the symptoms; ie; symptom=stereotypes, gangs and crime; problem=lack of economic opportunity, self-worth and pride in ones' race. As stated in an article on the African Globe January 13, 2013,"Black Teens With Racial Pride Do Better In School," African American teenagers perform better academically when their own people instill in them a sense of racial pride. Overall, the study found racial pride to be the most powerful factor in protecting children from the sting of discriminatory behavior, and by making aware the student, the parent, the community and governing officials, we can begin to educate, then bring about change, see our Strategic Plan below.


In 2014 we partnered with the Black-African Student Union here in Florida to connect our young people with the opportunities for the careers they see themselves pursuing.  Many of these members want very much to continue the spirit of Black empowerment and improvement they have been experiencing as members of the student union, most see their ideal careers in a black business environment.  We're creating a network that achieves this end for all Black students who have these same desires, while creating a resource for anyone to find black businesses and buy Black.

In 2015 for Black History Month, Fort Lauderdale Community Center will present it's four week series, "Healing the Racial Divide."  This series will deal with #3 major issues plaguing the Black-African Community today; this conference will consist of showing documentaries and films, workshops, seminars and speakers like Tim Wise on, "White Privilege, Racism, White Denial & The Cost of Inequality," Pastor William Gary on, "The African Presents In the Bible" and feature speaker Dr. Claud Anderson speaking on,"The State of Black America and the Plan for Economic Empowerment." If you would like to help fund this project, just click the "make A Donation" tab at the top, or go to our link at GoFundMe!

Strategic Plan

Goal 1:
Create a network that fosters Black commerce throughout the country and introduce Black students to professionals with their interest in various industries for continued advancement.

Planned Activity #1:
Contact every Black chamber of commerce and every Black Association to partner with us.

Lack of funding for personnel to locate and contact every organization.  Locating and contacting Black business that are not registered with any chamber of organization.

Attract and inform sponsors of the benefits, including those of monetary value of having such a network; and obtain investments to create a comprehensive and easily accessible internet database of businesses and organizations.

Planned Activity #2:
Implement Inspire2Hire


Provide detailed information online and by direct communication to promote the effectiveness and importance of the Inspire2Hire model to partners and students.

Planned Activity #3:
Educate and connect businesses and students via our own media source, (a cable and internet channel) and during Black History Month 2015, by providing workshops and conferences.

Currently limited number of sponsors for the project.

Create individual business importance by offering marketing and publicity via:
     -Channel commercials and interviews with business owners
     -Provide members and web users samples of business     
      products and a forum to post reviews.
     -Produce reality shows based on businesses we follow within
      our network helping them create their brand.  

Also provide businesses with the opportunity to obtain the best recruits by driving our students to the website to search for careers and hosting a categorized listing of hiring companies; plus provide yearly Businesses Expos that brings everyone together.