Fort Lauderdale Community Center Talent Agency

Our Mission:   Find the best talent for our clients and represent both in a fair and professional manor.

Fort Lauderdale Community Center Talent Agency (FLCC Talent Agency) goes back further then the two years since it was started in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  It's reputation and success is largely due to the talents and forward-thinking of a remarkable couple by the name of William and Hope Gary.  In the early 1990's William started marketing Hope's singing ability everywhere he could, including the Underground in Atlanta, GA, working with local bands, R&B and Rock, that needed a female singer, and from there Hope was in great demand with gigs at many events around Atlanta.

In June of 2009, with parents in their mid-70's and 80's, to be closer to them, decided to move back to Florida and put a band together, which is how "The Hope Band" was born!

In October 2013, FLCC received their Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulations TA Lic. #1155 and became Licensed and Bonded, as required by Florida Law

FLCC Talent Agency is a young company with a lot of drive, passion and wisdom in knowing talent upon seeing it.


Introducing one of the hottest bands in South Florida; according to, ranked 3rd in Fort Lauderdale in Blues & Jazz!  The Hope Band has been playing together for just a few years , but the sound says longer.  They've cornered the marke in live entertainment, performing the best in Soul, jazz, Blues and Funk!

The Hope Band is what you get when professionals with over 20 years of experience
come together to make good music, and good times.  With Hope on Lead Vocals, Lindsey Blair on Lead Guitar, Fofi (Adolfo) Lancha on Drums and Rafael Valencia on Bass, Joshua Cossett on keyboards, there's a mix of talent and a "who's who" of University of Miami Alumni!  They are some of the best musicians in South Florida, bar none!
               Left to right: Fofi Lancha, Rafael Valencia, Hope Gary, Lindsey Blair and Joshua Cossett