Hope House Shelter

The Hope House is a home shelter designed to create a family atmosphere for individuals who have lost their jobs and/or homes; emancipated teens that are transitioning out of foster care and disable veterans. 

This transitional housing program helps in our fight to end homelessness and hunger.  The Hope House residents receive job training at the community center four hours a day, five days a week. 

The house parents supervise the young adults and each member of the house has assigned duties.  Weekly meetings are held for input and recognition from the household.  House members are also mentored to encourage self-sufficiency and foster confidence in essential personal and social skills. This program can last twenty four to sixty months, depending on the family or individual.  It's designed to enable them to move into permanent housing, to purchase their first car or even a down payment on a home.
All the adults in this picture have graduated high school, gone on to college or some form of higher learning, each have been able to purchase a car through the Community Center.  Almost all have been students, mentors and staff of the Community Center and all those with children have been able to receive their first time home buyer certificate and purchased their first home!  

     *Support of the Hope House Project
  Walmart & Tropical Financial Credit Union