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Dr. Steven Weisel D.D.S.
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5404 West Atlantic Blvd
Margate, Florida 33063
Call for your
appointment today!

Untitled Document Bank Atlantic
Florida's Most Convenient Bank. BankAtlantic began in 1952,
with one branch in downtown
Fort Lauderdale. Our business strategy
was simple and straightforward:
give customers great service, solid products and competitive rates on their deposits. Today, BankAtlantic is one of the
oldest and largest Florida based community banks, employing 1,750 people who work at 100 branches across South Florida
and the Tampa Bay area.

Untitled Document Volunteer Broward
Volunteer Broward provides trained volunteers in order to assist in our county’s Disaster Response efforts. Join us to
learn how to be ready to
assist our community before, during and after a hurricane in Broward County.
George Gadson Studios
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For art that stirs the human
spirit and adds comfort and
elegance to any home, gallery
or office, contact us
at (954) 822-5425 or email:

New Mirawood Academy
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New Mirawood Academy where
your child has the opportunity
to learn using technology!!
5280 West Hallandale Beach Blvd
West Park,FL 33023

Computer and Network Repair
Computer Repair "
We do it right"
call 754-484-4229
and say I need my
computer fixed!
South Florida Artist Assn
South Florida Artist Assn Meet
with others in your local
area who love Art.
A South Florida Event!
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A South Florida Event
Why us! Because we ask
the right questions.
Because we really know
Miami, from white hot sand to drop-dead cool.
Because we’ve been pulling off the impossible,
and creating the original with style,wit and flair
for ten years. Because we’re up-front,
easy to work with, and
respect your budget,
your time and your
needs. And because we really love what we do.
Any other questions?
Phone 305.491.5921
fax 305.675.8203

Profits Inc Consulants
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is a small Dynamic, take-charge, innovative company with unique ability to quickly grasp the “big picture” while maintaining attention to detail; extensive experience and training in project management, strategic planning, requirements definition, software evaluation and selection, custom development, data conversion, and system implementation with business process migration and re-engineering. Successful in developing, communicating and implementing solutions to seize opportunities, address inefficiencies and meet emerging business challenges through strategic integration of automation and people systems. Over twenty years’ experience, primarily as an independent consultant, working with hospitality, cruise line, health care, solid waste and real estate clients on a myriad of projects, domestically and internationally.
Call for your
appointment today!


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Broward County's Mobile Community Center
The Future of Community TV! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 11 July 2010 00:42

The Future of community TV! Part 1 Part 2 part 3

Last Updated on Tuesday, 17 May 2011 01:33
Bridging the Digital Divide PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   

One of the mission of the Fort Lauderdale Community Center is to bridge the digital divide that existed between have's and the have not's. To bring the benefits of computer technology to at risk families and communities. Knight foundation conducted several research studies to discover the benefits of having computer technology for underprivileged families and neighborhoods. Below is the summary and outcome of their research.

The One Economy Digital Communities program has helped clients become active users
of the Internet at high ratesrates much higher than other low-income Americans. One
Economy clients in San Jose and Miami have maintained home access and connectivity,
and, in addition to using their home computers, are making use of the Internet at multiple
and varied locations in their lives. Clients see the computer as an essential tool of
contemporary life, and feel profoundly more included in society and connected to the
broader world through the Internet. Patterns of use for their home computers vary by
family circumstance, but, in general, family members have developed ways to
successfully integrate active Internet use into family life. One difficulty for a significant
proportion of clients is managing high demand for use among family membersa strong
indication of how important Internet access has become to One Economy clients.

Program Outcomes
The previous section provided an overview of the degree to which clients have Internet
connectivity and the significance clients attach to having technology, particularly in their
homes. The purpose of the One Economy Digital Communities program goes beyond
providing access, though. The programs primary objective is to provide clients with
opportunities to use digital technology to improve their lives, most notably by helping
them integrate into the social and economic mainstream. Our second hypothesis directly
addresses the mechanism through which the program supports these goals and
underlies the analyses in this section.
H2 Having a computer and Internet access will help clients take steps towards:
Pursuing better jobs
Accessing financial services
Obtaining health care
Advancing their education
In discussing program outcomes, we will also discuss findings relating to the third
H3 Having Internet access will strengthen clients engagement in the community.
Our findings show that:
Having home access benefits clients for all key goal outcomes, such as
improving school and job performance.
Clients use home Internet access for a broad range of meaningful purposes.

Knight Computer Research Study

Help the poor before you help a political candidate! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Carpe Diem   
Saturday, 02 July 2011 14:15

Millions of dollars are give to political candidates and parties every years. Imagine if 10 percent of that money was given to Non Profits, it would decrease homelessness and hunger in America 10 fold.

Last Updated on Saturday, 02 July 2011 14:27
Our constant contact PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 28 January 2011 13:03

Our constant contact

Last Updated on Friday, 28 January 2011 13:47
Fort Lauderdale Community Center PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   

We live in the United States of America, united for what? Isn't it our unity and diversity, that gives us strength? We as a people handicap ourselves when we ignore or neglect underprivileged communities. Fort Lauderdale Community Center refuses to compartmentalize any portion of Broward County. We don't care what section of this great county you live in "YOU ARE BROWARD" through our campaign "I AM BROWARD". A slogan first uttered by Luctricia "Lu" Welters, founder of the Jubilee Dance Theatre. Fort Lauderdale Community Center(FLCC) is not just involved in the community of Fort Lauderdale, but provides services from Parkland, to Hallandale, from Miramar, to Deerfield Beach and every community that makes up Broward County. "I AM Fort Lauderdale Community Center; and I AM BROWARD", are you?

If not, then consider a place,(Broward County) that is the most dynamic, most hospitable, most caring for the least of it's residents; a place that understands the importance of the arts to "HOLD THE LINE". A County that believes in a good education and that cares for its fellow man, through an array of uplifting social services; a great place to live called, "Broward County"! Help us strengthen the whole County by registering on this website as a volunteer; and visit VolunteerBroward, so our County can excel to the greatness this kind of diversity produces.

Broward County and its residents are competing with global communities, countries like China and India and we have to turn our County into a lean, not mean, commerce machine. To do this, we must recognize the value that each and every living being adds to the whole County. Like tender plants we must cultivate, educate and nurture our fellow citizens to success, not just for themselves, but for the whole County and Country, of the UNITED States of America!

William Gary
Executive Director
Fort Lauderdale Community Center

Broward County was created in 1915. It was named for Napoleon Bonaparte Broward, Governor of Florida from 1905 to 1909.

Broward County is blessed with a plethora of recreational centers, community centers and performing arts centers, these facilities can be found in every corner of this county. FLCC will not be housed in one location in Fort Lauderdale, instead, it presents a mobile community center able to operate out of any of the many underutilized recreational centers and community centers already built. FLCC's offices are currently located at the New Mirawood Academy in Hallandale Beach, FL and our group home"The Hope House" in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

In an emergency, Fort Lauderdale Community Center, working with an array of other organizations, can bring resources and manpower to assist any community in Broward County with food, temporary shelter and any other services needed. We collaborate with a host of other agencies so were not duplicating efforts.

Our mobile computer lab can be setup and broken down, in just 30 minutes. For training, we can set-up shop where there's a need, offering our services to those of low to moderate incomes anywhere in the County, at no cost! We do this by the generous donations of corporations and individuals like yourself. Donate Now! Broward Counts first mobile community center uniting Broward through Arts, Education and Social Services.

Through our partnership with South Florida Artist Association and the Broward County Cultural Division, we can keep you abreast of Arts related events all over the County. So when you think of FLCC, think outside of Fort Lauderdale; FLCC is helping to unite Broward County through Arts, Education and Social Services. We believe we can do anything together!

Fort Lauderdale Community Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit
organization serving the needs of Broward County.

Hope Gary, CEO of Fort Lauderdale Community Center

Our Mission

Uniting Broward County through Arts, Education and Social Services.
To facilitate community needs for job training and job placement by
empowering and teaching vocational and essential social skills that
will allow individuals to set attainable goals for a successful life and
enhance their community.

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Have you helped Haiti?

Our Social Programs

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Donate to our Needy Fund!
Our needy fund just painted the house of the oldest resident of Roosevelt Gardens Mrs. Ruby!

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The Hope House
Your home when you have no home!
Helping Broward's Homeless one at a time!!

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Roosevelt Gardens Community Service
FLCC's community service at Roosevelt Gardens!

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Need help with your electric bill?
Florida Power & Light can help!

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Broward County Haiti Task Force
Thousands of hours of service for the Broward County Haiti Task Force

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Fort Lauderdale Community Center Partners with Family Central

Family Central History

Starting with a handful of child care centers, the scope and range of FCI's services have increased dramatically over the last three decades to meet the complex and comprehensive needs of today's families.

Responding to the needs of the community over the last third of a century to South Florida's most vulnerable populations, FCI's services has included:

Child care placement and resource and referral assistance; administration of child care funding for special populations such as homeless, recovering substance abusers, HIV/AIDS affected and infected populations, and children of victims of domestic violence; information on parenting, child development and child care; resource libraries offering free internet access, childrens literature, curriculum guides, audio-visual equipment, toys, costumes, professional journals and classroom equipment and materials; assistance for parents enrolling children in KidCare and Medicaid Health Insurance, monthly parent calendars with updated, developmentally appropriate, interactive activities designed to stimulate children's cognitive/social/behavioral growth, weekly story time reading hour open to the public that promotes language-enriched reading readiness for pre-schoolers and their families, developmental screening of all children receiving subsidized child care, Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY), child care center, school, identification of primary and preventive health care needs of children and linkages and referrals to health care providers, facilitation of immunizations, and collection of holiday toys to assist with the holiday season.

Fort Lauderdale Community Center has partnered with Family Central Inc. to provide computers and upgrades to their computer room located in Broward County and several mini computer rooms for their clients like Baby Boomers and the Sue Gunzburger Washington Park Child Care Center and many others.

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